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"Alone and unwanted. That is the fate of an Enhanced Being."

Enhance me, Doctor L

"Oh. Fuck this." -Imimi Taisa
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"Created for the sole purpose of being used as a tool to fulfill Doctor L's plans, I'm hardly human. Actually, I'm advanced version of a human. Injected with what Doctor L calls an 'Enhancer' I'm made strong. But being an enhanced being isn't as easy as it should be--school, distractions, Doctor L's plans, and not to mention the fact that enhanced beings aren't accepted in the general public. One of the few with these advanced abilites, I create a lifetime of sorrow too much for two girls to handle." -Koriyoku Myouri

This a community for temarichan and otouto_chan and NOBODY ELSE. Don't ask to join, don't even comment anywhere. See here? Turn around right now and head back down the road that leads to the end of your pathetic life. Now that we've gotten rid of the people who don't belong here, an explanation:

This is a community for all the RPs between otouto_chan and I. This is mostly a place for me ( temarichan ) to keep track of notes, plotlines, and interactions between my many characters, as well as recording character development and development of the relationships of the characters.

Since I'm aware of the computer trouble my partner is having, this community is FRIENDS ONLY and will be used BY ME and occasionally by otouto_chan

My Characters:
Myouri RP - Myouri, the world.
Experiments - Ren, Spike, the world.
AU Myouri RP - Myouri, the world.
SasuTema - Temari, the world.
EdoTema - Temari, the world.
NaruTema - Temari, the world.

otouto_chan's characters:
Myouri RP - Riki, occasionally others.
Experiments - Shinichi, Jet, Fae, Ed.
AU Myouri RP - Riki, Sakura, and Neji.
SasuTema - Sasuke, Naruto.
EdoTema - Edo, Haruka.
NaruTema- Haruka, Naruto.

Notable Pairings:
ShinichiRen (?)

Shinichi (otouto)
Hemiko (temarichan)
Myouri (temarichan)
Riki (otouto)
Ren (temarichan)
Haruka (otouto)
Imimi (temrichan)

Fandoms X-overs:
Cowboy Bebop
Resident Evil
Fullmetal Alchemist

Fandom Waiting List
Death Note
Shinigami no Ballad
Silent Hill
Fruits Basket
Pita Ten
Fruits Basket
Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan
Jigoku Shoujo
Boogiepop Phantom

Important Entries:

Character News:
-Doctor L's journal notes, Enhancer injection + 2 days after

Important Events:






"Oh. Fuck this." -Imimi Taisa